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The primary objective for the formation of Lounge for Arbitration and Legal Services- is to provide a complete redressal mechanism for alternative dispute resolution, be it technical, legal or financial, in the present infrastructure development scenario. We have a very well qualified and experienced team with expertise in all these fields.



Negotiation and Arbitration has been widely used in most advanced economies for over 40 years as an alternative method of dispute resolution. The World Bank Doing Business Report have indicated that 174 economies have recognized voluntary mediation or conciliation as a valid method of resolving contractual disputes , in addition to formal courts. Mediation offers many benefits, such as reduced legal costs, prevention of future or full-fledged litigation and the flexibility in finding a solution to the dispute based on mutual parties’ interest, rather than solely on legal rights.


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Lounge for Arbitration and Legal Services Pvt Ltd
A complete redressal mechanism for alternative dispute resolution